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New Updates Section


As much effort you put into doing things right, there is something that escapes me. What happens is not for you?

At the hour of writing my amigurumi patterns I put all my attention, but is a process of many steps: the draft and the final on paper and then step into digital format, write, add photos, editing, proofreading, translation …

And when you least expect a number that can ruin the whole pattern escapes, or repeat a sequence, or you skip a turn, the self-correcting plays a trick on you … a thousand things can go wrong.

Thinking and thinking about how to make you things easier, because no matter how hard I will still be minor niggles, I decided to add a new section to the website with updates and bug patterns that make them.

This way you can easily check if there have been any changes to your employer and to download and updated from your account.

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Analysis of a Amigurumi Pattern

We are going to analyze a very simple pattern through which we will see:

  • General aspects of a pattern: materials, abbreviations, filling and finishing of the piece.
  • Use of the different types of rows to give rise to the following figures: oval, perfect sphere, thin and elongated shape with variation of size and simple, triangular shape crocheted into spiral and straight way, half sphere, elongated irregular shape, flat circle, lineal shape.
  • Form an edge in the fabric.
  • Losing stitches by crocheting in straight.
  • Calculation of the sequences that we use in the increasing and decreasing rounds: combinations of stitches.

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Colors Spaceship Amigurumi Pattern

I like the idea of traveling through space, discover other planets, think that there are wonderful worlds inhabited by extraordinary beings … let the imagination fly …

But don’t you think the spaceships are a bit boring?

Are we going to travel through the universe on a sad gray spaceship?

Of course not!

I show you a new pattern: This fun colors spaceship that will be the envy of most intrepid captains.

With the one-piece crocheted hull and big other pieces, it´s the perfect toy for kids.

As in all my designs is completely soft and also, when using bright colors and highlighting the elements in black, we give it the appearance of a cartoon. Continue reading Colors Spaceship Amigurumi Pattern