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Trophy Amigurumi pattern

Size:                     2,7″ / 7 cm
Difficulty:           High
Time:                   1 h
Hook:                   2 mm
sc: single crochet
st: stitch
ch: chain
inc: increase
dec: decrease
Fill the doll with fiberfill as you crochet.
If you have any questions contact me:
Golden yellow yarn
Thickness of the yarn: 3 mm.
Hook according to the thickness of the yarn.
Yarn needle.

Trophy Amigurumi pattern


With golden yellow yarn

1. Work 6 sc in magic ring3.

2. Inc in every st (12).

3. “1 sc, inc”, repeat (18).

4. “2 sc, inc”, repeat (24).

5. 1 sc in each st (24).

6. Work in back loops only 1 sc in each st (24). You will return to this round to complete the base.

7. 1 sc in each st (24).

8 and 9. Dec in every st (12), (6). Start stuffing the piece.

10. to 13. 1 sc in each st (6). Finish stuffing the piece.

14. Work in back loops only dec in every st (3). In this way you close the piece preventing the stuffing from coming out.

15. Work in front loops only, that is, in the loops that you left unworked in the previous round. Inc in every st. (12).

16. Inc in every st (24).

17. to 27. 1 sc in each st (24).

28. and 29. Work 1 sc in the post of each st (24)

Fasten off.

Complete the base

With golden yellow yarn

1. Return to round 6 and holding the trophy with the cup pointing down, work in the free loops 1 sc in each st (24).

2. Work 1 sc in the post of each st (24).
Fasten off.


With golden yellow yarn

1.Ch 19 and work 18 sc in the chains.

2.Continue without turning, in the beginning chains again, but in the other side another 18 sc to get a 36 sc piece in all. (36).

3.Ch 1, turn and work slip stitches joining the 18 sc of each side (18).
Fasten off.
Sew the handles to both sides of the trophy making sure they are placed in the middle of it. Join them under round 28 of the cup, that is, the round in which you worked in the post of the stitches.
At the bottom, sew them to the edge of the cup, that is, leaving 3 sc of separation from the narrowest part. Don’t sew the bottom end, approximately the last 4 stitches.

Congratulations, you have finished your amigurumi trophy! Now you just have to give it to the champion of your life!

If you liked the Amigurumi Pattern Trophy, leave me your comment and if you dare to crochet it, send me the photo or tag me on social media so we can all see it.

The pattern in spanish

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