Amigurumis in the Farm 1 and 2

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Download the Ebooks Amigurumis in the Farm 1 and 2 in PDF format with 22 Farm-themed Patterns.

By following the instructions of the patterns you will be able to crochet both 8 cute animals that live on the farm and a lovely farmer bunny with a vegetable garden full of original vegetables.

Ebooks Amigurumis in the Farm:

  • 1 – 8 Patterns (73 pages)
  • 2 – 14 Patterns (72 pages)

By Following the patterns you will be able to crochet cute farm animals and a vegetable garden full of vegetables that will delight the little ones in the house.

The patterns are perfectly illustrated and include the necessary stitches to crochet each part of the amigurumis, detailed explanations, assembly instructions and my help if you need it.

All of them can be crocheted simply with a hook, yarn, embroidery thread and fiberfill. No hard parts (buttons, zippers,…). Totally Soft.

Enjoy crocheting these original amigurumis while creating a fun and educational game for children.

Amigurumis on the Farm 1: 8 patterns to crochet farm animals

This ebook contains 8 patterns to crochet the following animals:

  • Lucky, the chick: 2,3″ / 6 cm
  • Gaia, the hen: 5,1″ / 13 cm
  • Piggy, the pig: 5,9″ / 15 cm
  • Ray, the horse: 7″ / 18 cm
  • Flora, the cow: 7,4″ / 19 cm
  • Lania, the sheep: 4,7″ / 12 cm
  • Coco, the puppy: 5,1″ / 13 cm
  • Franky, the donkey: 6,2” / 16 cm

Amigurumis in the Farm 1 and 2

Crochet 8 farm animals. They are small and medium size, with a chibi style, that is, a marked children’s design.

All of them are simple patterns, but with different levels of difficulty, so that in addition to getting cute amigurumis you can enjoy crocheting them.

They also have few small pieces, but all of them are sewn and integrated into the design to ensure the safety of the youngest.

Amigurumis in the farm 2: 14 Patterns of farm theme

This ebook contains the following 14 patterns:

  • Farmer Bunny: 6,2″ / 16 cm
  • Overall Pants: 1,5″ / 4 cm
  • Hat: 1,5″ / 4 cm
  • Hoe: 3,5″ / 9 cm
  • Watering Can: 2,7″ / 7 cm
  • Vegetable Garden: 4,7″ x 4,7″ / 12 x 12 cm
  • Carrot: 1,9″ / 5 cm
  • Potato: 3,5″ / 9 cm
  • Onion: 3,5″ / 9 cm
  • Garlic: 1,5″ / 4 cm
  • Cauliflower: 2,3″ / 6 cm
  • Strawberry Plant: 1,1″ / 3 cm
  • Weeds: 1,9″ / 5 cm
  • Broccoli: 2,7″ / 7 cm

Crochet a nice farmer bunny with a vegetable garden full of original vegetables.

All the patterns have a marked children’s design with the idea of ​​promoting a fun educational game among the little ones.

In this way, they can dress the bunny with his overalls pants and farmer’s hat and plant the cute vegetables in the garden. Each of them has a place in the holes of the field, so it is very easy to plant and harvest.

All amigurumis are medium and small in size, but their dimensions are safe for children. In addition, all the elements are incorporated into the design, well crocheted directly, well sewn to the main piece, which guarantees its safety.

Amigurumis in the Farm 1 and 2

Aditional Information

Author: Gretel Crespo (Suenhos Blanditos)

Language: English and Spanish

Format: PDF

You will receive 4 PDFs: The 2 ebooks in English and Spanish.

Download the Collection of Ebooks Amigurumis in the Farm 1 and 2 and enjoy crocheting 22 farm-themed patterns!

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