Animagumis: 15 Patterns to crochet yarn animals



With the ebook Animagumis: 15 Patterns to crochet yarn animals in PDF format to crochet these lovely characters that will delight the little ones of the house

The patterns include:

  • The stitches needed to crochet each part of the amigurumi
  • Photos of the process
  • Information about the necessary materials
  • Changes of color
  • Detailed explanations of the step by step
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Author Support

It is 2 PDFs of 273 pages. These are the cute animals:

  • George, the kangaroo scout
  • Lucas, the detective dog
  • Oscar, the chilly marmot
  • Aki, the karateka cat
  • Tiny, the aviator squirrel
  • Dora, the weaver sheep
  • Lina, the ballerina guinea pig
  • Joan, the carrier pigeon
  • German, the beach crab
  • Ursula, the unicorn witch
  • Mary, the nanny stork
  • Martin, the cooking panda
  • Ivan, the frog prince
  • Baldomero, the sailor penguin
  • Peter, the teacher owl

Animagumis: 15 Patterns to crochet yarn animals

The Patterns

  • They are 15 totally original designs but they have the participation of many friends through ideas and suggestions for their creation.
  • Its size is perfect to be considered as individual amigurumis so each of them is a great gift.
  • Each animal is designed especially for the little ones of the house.
  • They are double patterns: on one hand you have the animal and on the other the character they represent since you can remove and put the accessories and clothes whenever you want.

All of them can be crocheted simply with a hook, yarn and fiberfill. No hard parts (buttons, zippers, …). All “soft”.

The patterns include the necessary stitches to crochet each part of the amigurumis, illustrated with photos of the process, changes of color, detailed explanations, assembly instructions and my help if you need it.

Animagumis: 15 Patterns to crochet yarn animals

Author: Gretel Crespo (Sueños Blanditos)

Number of pages: 273

Format: PDF

Language of the patterns: English and Spanish.

You will receive 2 PDFs of 273 pages: one version in English and another in Spanish.


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