About me

Amigurumis Sueños Blanditos is a project that is born from the illusion and seeks to make known the wonderful and addictive world of Amigurumis or crocheted dolls.

Through my patterns you can crochet all kinds of amigurumis, from the simplest to your favorite characters, there are no limits to the creation, but of course, they are all soft. My works are made without using hard materials: buttons, zippers, safety eyes, etc. All are completely soft and designed especially for the little ones in the house.

But how does this adventure begin?:

First you must know a little about me. My name is Gretel Crespo and I am from Galicia, from Vigo. Good student, perfectionist, stubborn and very questioning. I love cats, total madness, impossible to live without them, the period dramas, the scary movies, animes and of course the Amigurumis!

I love my family and especially my mother, “guilty” of my fondness for crochet since I was little, although at that time I did not appreciate it as now. My mother is also the “guilty”, indirectly, of my passion for the Amigurumis and all because of some earring…

As I said, I’m very questioning and in a well-known TV show that we both see, one of the collaborators wore colorful earrings that caught my attention. The fact is that they were crocheted, as my mother said, although I, stubborn, said no. Full of reason, I decided to search through the networks for something similar… crochet earrings, then rings and without wanting, among the images, I found a beautiful doll, and then another and another… I had started my addiction and I could not stop … I had to make them myself, but they seemed very complicated, or not so?

Good student, perfectionist, stubborn, inquisitive = Amigurumis Weaver