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On this website own and third-party cookies are used to ensure that the navigation is perfect and to know the browsing preferences of our users.

If you have accessed and continue browsing, I understand that you accept the installation of these cookies. If you do not accept them, then I explain how you can deactivate them.

Cookies are defined as small text files that a website stores in the user’s browser and whose function is to facilitate the use and navigation of that website, being in some cases essential for its operation. To do this, the user’s browsing habits are stored for that particular web.

You can be totally calm because your privacy is safe.

In the case of this website, the cookies used are the following:

  • Essential cookies to enable the operation of this website, whose prior information to the user is not necessary.
  • Cookies whose information is mandatory: they are those of analysis, that is, those that are used to know the contents that they like the most. It is done through Google Analytics and you can check its policy here:
  • If you sign up in the newsletter or if you write through the contact form, it is possible that a cookie from the mail manager is installed. More information about these cookies at this link:
  • And if you interact from our website with another social network (Twitter, Linkedin, etc) you may also find a cookie.

The installation of these cookies can be avoided by accessing in the form of private browsing or deactivating the storage of cookies at any time from your browser. If so, the web may not work properly for you.

Then you can check these links that explain how to disable cookies from the most common browsers.

Google Chrome:
Internet Explorer:

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Last update: 09-01-2019