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Female Doctor Amigurumi Pattern

Download this Female Doctor amigurumi pattern for free and crochet it #StayAtHome

We are going through difficult times around the world and now more than ever we must stay together.

The apparition of coronavirus (COVID-19) and its rapid expansion among the population is something that should concern all of us.

Spain is one of the most affected countries, but whether you live here or anywhere else, you cannot be indifferent to the problem.

After the declaration of the State of alarm by the Spanish Government, we are forced to stay at home in order to avoid infections. It is an exercise of responsibility that we all must carry out, not only for ourselves, but for the others.

We must put individualism aside and think of those around us, especially those most vulnerable to disease: elderly and children.

Together we can reduce the expansion of the virus.

#Stayathome and facilitate the commendable work that health personnel are doing to ensure our health, putting their own at risk.

That’s why I would like to contribute with my grain of sand by sharing this pattern of a Female Doctor Amigurumi.

I think that will alleviate the period of isolation.

It also serves as my humble personal thanks to all the professionals who take care of us every day.



And if you prefer it in Spanish, click here

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Apple amigurumi pattern

  • Size: 1,1” / 3 cm
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Estimated Time: 1 h
  • Hook: 2 mm


  • Yarn of different colors: red, brown, green.
  • Thickness of the yarn: 3 mm.
  • Hook according to the thickness of the yarn.
  • Fiberfill.


  • sc: single crochet
  • st: stitch
  • ch: chain
  • inc: increase
  • dec: decrease


With red yarn

1. Work 6 sc in magic ring

2. Inc in every st (12).

3. “3 inc, 3 sc” 2 times (18).

4. “1 sc, inc” 3 times, 3 sc, “1 sc, inc” 3 times, 3 sc (24).

5. to 8. 1 sc in each st (24).

9. 2 sc, “1 sc, dec” 3 times, 3 sc, “1 sc, dec” 3 times, 1 sc (18).

10. to 13. 1 sc in each st (18).

14. “3 sc, 3 dec”, 2 times (12).

15. Dec in every st (6).




Fasten off. Sew the hole with the yarn needle. Shape the apple inserting the thread from the last round to the magic ring and returning several times.









With Brown yarn

Ch 5 and work 4 slip stitches on the chains.

Fasten off.






With Green yarn

  1. Ch 5 and work: 1 slip st, 2 double crochets, 1 sc.
  2. Continue without turning, that is, in the beggining chains again, but in the other side: 1 sc, 2 double crochets, 1 slip st.

Fasten off.




Sew the stem and the leaf and Finished! You have a cute amigurumi apple!





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Galician Octopus Amigurumi Pattern

I like to think in Suenhos Blanditos as a great family that despite the distance, meets to enjoy a common passion: The amigurumis.

From several places and backgrounds, speaking different languages, men, women, young, old, each and every one of us are connected by those little yarn dolls that we like so much and to which we add a little bit of us.

Today I want to show you a little bit of me and tell you about a celebration of my land, Galicia.

It’s about the Day of the Galician Letters (Día das Letras Galegas) that is celebrated every year on May 17th, to commemorate the edition of “Cantares Gallegos” by Rosalía de Castro that same day of 1863 and that marked the beginning of the “Rexurdimento” or the Galician cultural renaissance.

Every year, the Galician Royal Academy chooses an outstanding personality from the Galician literary and cultural field to pay tribute to him or her for the contribution and defense of our language.

This year, the day of the Galician Letters is dedicated to Antonio Fraguas, an intellectual born in Pontevedra whose cultural contribution included archeology, geography, history, art, ethnography and dissemination.

As a detail, to remind you of my beautiful land, Galicia, I want to give you the pattern of this cute octopus, which besides being a representative icon of our gastronomy, is crocheted with the colors of our flag: sky blue and white.

I hope you like it!


  • Size: 4″ / 10 cm
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Estimated time: 8 h
  • Hook size: 2 mm

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Baby Unicorn Free Amigurumi Pattern & Video Tutorial


I am very excited to bring you a new amigurumi pattern born from the collaboration with my colleagues and friends @Haydeeehrlich and @amigurumisalasdehada.

This time it is an unprecedented pattern, a Crochet Baby Unicorn that I have designed especially for them and for you to enjoy crocheting it following their wonderful videotutorial.

Enjoy it!


Amigurumi Unicorn Free Crochet Pattern

Size: 6,6″ / 17 cm
Difficulty: Medium
Estimated time: 8 h
Hook size: 2 mm

Download PDF Pattern >> Amigurumi Baby Unicorn
Amigurumi Unicorn PDF Pattern


  • Yarn of different colors: white, black, light blue, light yellow, dark yellow, light violet, light pink.
  • Thickness of the yarn: 3 mm
  • Hook according to the thickness of the yarn.
  • Yarn needle.
  • Fiberfill.


  • sc: single crochetst: stitch
  • ch: chain
  • inc: increase
  • dec: decrease

Fill the doll with fiberfill as you crochet. Continue reading Baby Unicorn Free Amigurumi Pattern & Video Tutorial

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Witch Hat Keychain Amigurumi Pattern

Happy Halloween!

Did you know that witches are my favorite characters?

One of the first amigurumi patterns that I have done is a little witch and I am so fond of her that I still use her image as an avatar.

You will have noticed that a witch also appears on my logo.

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Little Monkey Bookmark to back to school

Back to school is here!

They are moments of illusion, novelties, meetings… and there is much to do.

As I’m sure you’re very busy, this week I bring you a different pattern than you’re used to:

This Little Monkey Bookmark >> Download Free PDF Pattern
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How to sew the different parts of our Amigurumi + Kitten Pattern

We are going to deal with one of the issues that most concern the amigurumis crocheters, especially if they are starting:

How to sew the different parts of our amigurumi?

This question is important, because although you crochet each part very well, if when assembling the joint is not correct, it will not only affect the appearance of your creation, but you run the risk of detaching the pieces, with the problems that this can cause.

In order to sew the parts of an amigurumi you will need:

  • The different pieces previously crocheted in which, to facilitate the join, you will have left a thread at the end of the fabric. The length of this thread will depend on the size of the piece you have to sew. More it is better than less and it will be the experience that will allow you to adjust the lenght.
  • Wool or yarn of the right color in relation to the part you have to sew. You will need it in case you have not left a thread or that it isn’t enough to complete the joint of the piece.
  • Yarn Needle, that is, a needle suitable for sewing the wool or yarn that we use to crochet our amigurumis. You can find them in different materials, sizes and thicknesses. I usually use metal about 8 cm long.
  • Tape measure to place the pieces in the right place, especially if the exact measurements are specified in the pattern.
  • Pins to secure each piece in place and prevent them from moving while you sew them.
  • The diversity of the pieces and their placement force us to join them in different ways. Let’s see some examples applied to our amigurumi kitten:

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Little Lulu Amigurumi Videotutorial, by Demetra Bogri


Today I want to talk to you about something that has happened to me a few days ago and that has made me very excited:

The first videotutorial of one of my amigurumis!: Little Lulú Amigurumi Pattern!

But no, I didn’t make it, but Demetra Bogri, the magnificent weaver of, and everything was the result of chance … A bad translation of my pattern of Son Goku on the blog forced her to contact with me and talking, talking, she proposed to do the videotutorial of one of my patterns.

I could’nt believe it!!! Of course, I love the idea! So we started the collaboration.

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Practice the Reversible Color Change by Crocheting this nice Butterfly

Sometimes we find the difficulty of crocheting a flat piece that has successive color changes having the need that the transition between colors will be good on both sides, by the right and also by the reverse that will remain visible.

Color Changes

To achieve that the changes of color do not alter the reverse of our fabric keeping the same drawing as the right, what we do is crochet with the two threads, one main and another hidden, so that we can alternate between them without affecting the design.

Let’s see how to do it in our case:

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Little Pig Amigurumi Pattern

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Estimated time: 5 h
  • Size: 6″ / 15 cm
  • Hook size: 2,50 mm
  • Recommended yarn: 100% Cotton


  • Yarn of different colors: pink, fuchsia, brick red, light brown, brown, white, black.
  • Thickness of the yarn: 3 – 4 mm
  • Hook according to the thickness of the yarn.
  • Yarn needle
  • Fiberfill


  • sc: Single crochet.
  • inc: increase
  • dec: decrease
  • st: stitch
  • Fill the doll as you crochet

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