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Witch Hat Amigurumi Pattern

Happy Halloween!

Did you know that witches are my favorite characters?

One of the first amigurumi patterns that I have done is a little witch and I am so fond of her that I still use her image as an avatar.

You will have noticed that a witch also appears on my logo.

But what is the relationship between witches and Halloween?

Legend has it that the witches met on October 31 called by the Devil to welcome a new year of witchcraft, since at that time their powers were at their highest level. In addition, the magic and powers of the witches relate them directly to the Celtic druids, whose culture gave rise to the “night of witches” or “noite meiga”

Here in my land, Galicia, we call them “meigas”. Surely you’ve heard the expression “Meigas gallegas … haberlas hailas” (Galician witches, there are)

The word “Meiga” means magician and although they are witches, according to the legend, many of them have a kinder character and different magical powers to do good as healing, clairvoyance, divination or the faculty of attending the petitions of the humble people with problems.

As a tribute to the “meigas” and to celebrate Halloween, I bring you the pattern of a witch hat that you can turn into an original lucky keychain.

Happy and magical crochet!

Witch Hat Amigurumi Pattern


  • Size: 2,7 ” / 7 cm
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Estimated time: 1 hour
  • Hook size: 2 mm


  • Yarn of different colors: black, violet, yellow.
  • Thickness of the yarn: 3 mm.
  • Hook according to the thickness of the yarn.
  • Yarn needle.
  • Fiberfill


  • Sc: single crochet
  • Inc: Increase
  • Dec: Decrease

Fill as you crochet.

If you have any doubt with the stitches, visit: Basic stitches to crochet amigurumis tutorial

Witch Hat Amigurumi Pattern


With black yarn

1. Work 6 sc in magic ring.

2. Inc in every st (12).

3. “1 sc, inc”, repeat (18).

4. “2 sc, inc”, repeat (24).

5. “3 sc, inc”, repeat (30).

6. 1 sc in each st (30).

7. Crochet in back loops only 1 sc in each st. (30). You will return to this round to crochet the brim of the hat.

8. “3 sc, dec”, repeat (24).

9. to 12. 1 sc in each st (24).

13. “2 sc, dec”, repeat (18).

14. to 17. 1 sc in each st (18).

18. “1 sc, dec”, repeat (12).

19. to 22. 1 sc in each st (12).

23. “1 sc, inc” 3 times, 3 dec (12).

24. 1 dec, “1 sc, inc” 3 times, 2 dec (12).

25 and 26. 1 sc in each st (12).

27. 2 dec, 6 sc, 1 dec (9).

28. “1 dec, 1 sc” 3 times (6).

Fasten off. Sew the hole with the yarn needle.



With black yarn

1. Return to round 7 and holding the hat with the tip pointing down, crochet in the free loops 1 sc in each st (30).

2. “4 sc, inc”, repeat (36).

3. “5 sc, inc”, repeat (42).

4. “6 sc, inc”, repeat (48).

5. “7 sc, inc”, repeat (54).

6. “8 sc, inc”, repeat (60).

7. 1 sc in each st (60).

Fasten off.

Witch Hat Amigurumi Pattern


With violet yarn

1. Ch 35, turn, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in remaining 33 ch (34).

2. and 3. Ch 1, turn and crochet 1 sc in each st (34).

Fasten off.


With yellow yarn

“Ch 4, 1 slip st in the last chain” 3 times, ch 3 and finish closing the buckle with 1 slip st in the first of all chains.

Sew the ends of the ribbon and on it the buckle.

To finish, sew the complete piece on the hat.

Witch Hat Amigurumi Pattern


¿Lo quieres en Español? Haz clic aquí

If you have crocheted the Witch Hat amigurumi Pattern and you liked it, you can send me the photo and I will publish it in the gallery for everyone to see.

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  1. Precioso, me encanta como todos tus patrones, y el de Maléfica, lo más.
    Muchas gracias

    1. Gracias! Me alegro mucho de que te haya gustado!
      Un abrazo

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