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Ghost Amigurumi Pattern

Halloween is coming and what better way to celebrate this unusual year than by crocheting a cute little ghost that brings a 5 euro discount coupon as a gift.

To use the coupon you simply have to write the word HALLOWEEN on the cart page and click on Apply coupon.
Hurry up! you only have a few days to use it, from today until Monday, November 2nd, inclusive. Take advantage of it since it is for purchases over €10.

I’m sure you are going to love it.

And now we are going to crochet our little ghost (If you want to download the pattern you can do it below):

Size: 4″/10 cm
Difficulty: Low
Estimated time: 1 h
Hook size: 2 mm


  • Yarn: white and black
  • Thickness of the yarn: 3 mm.
  • Hook according to the thickness of the yarn.
  • Yarn needle.
  • Fiberfill.


sc: single crochet
st: stitch
ch: chain
inc: increase
dec: decrease
Fill the doll with fiberfill as you crochet.


With white yarn

1. Work 4 sc in magic ring.

2. to 4. 1 sc in each st (4).

5. 2 inc, 1 dec (5).

6. 3 inc, 1 dec (7).

7. 1 dec, 3 inc, 1 dec (8).

8. “1 sc, inc”, repeat (12).

9. “1 sc, inc”, repeat (18).

10. “2 sc, inc”, repeat (24).

11. to 16. 1 sc in each st (24).

17. and 18. Dec in every st (12), (6).

19. Inc in every st (12).

20. “1 sc, inc”, repeat (18).

21. “1 sc, inc” 6 times, 3 dec (21).

22. 2 dec, “4 sc, inc” 3 times, 1 dec (21).

23. 4 sc, “4 sc, inc” 3 times, 2 sc (24).

24. and 25. 1 sc in each st (24).

26. “1 sc, inc” 4 times, “2 sc, dec” 3 times, “1 sc, inc” 2 times (27).

27. “1 sc, inc” 4 times, “3 sc, dec” 3 times, “1 sc, inc” 2 times (30).

28. and 29. 1 sc in each st (30).

30. 13 sc, “2 sc, dec” 3 times, 5 sc (27).

31. 11 sc, “2 sc, dec” 3 times, 4 sc (24).

32. 9 sc, “2 sc, dec” 3 times, 3 sc (21).

33. 7 sc, “2 sc, dec” 3 times, 2 sc (18).

34. “1 sc, dec”, repeat (12).

35. and 36. 1 sc in each st (12).

37. Dec in every st (6).

38. 1 sc in each st (6).
Fasten off. Sew the hole with the yarn needle.

ARMS (x2)

With white yarn

1. Work 6 sc in magic ring.

2. to 10. 1 sc in each st (6).
Fasten off.
Sew them leaving 3 sc of separation from the neck line.

EYES (x2)

With black yarn
Work 4 sc in magic ring.
With white yarn embroider the twinkle.


To find out where you have to place the ghost’s face, you must look at the tips of the head and the end of the body. Our ghost seen from the front will have the tip of the head to the left and back, while the tip of the body will go to the right and forward.

Once you are sure about where you should place the face, start placing its elements:
Sew the eyes from round 13 t o 15, embroidering around them with the black yarn to soften the rounded shape. Leave 3 sc of separation between them in their central part.

2 sc over the eyes, embroider with black yarn the eyebrows 2 sc long.
Centered under the eyes embroider the mouth. It will have a separation of 1 sc in relation to these in its upper part and 2 in the low part and a length of 3 sc.

You already have it! A cute little amigurumi ghost!

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Female Doctor Amigurumi Pattern

Download this Female Doctor amigurumi pattern for free and crochet it #StayAtHome

We are going through difficult times around the world and now more than ever we must stay together.

The apparition of coronavirus (COVID-19) and its rapid expansion among the population is something that should concern all of us.

Spain is one of the most affected countries, but whether you live here or anywhere else, you cannot be indifferent to the problem.

After the declaration of the State of alarm by the Spanish Government, we are forced to stay at home in order to avoid infections. It is an exercise of responsibility that we all must carry out, not only for ourselves, but for the others.

We must put individualism aside and think of those around us, especially those most vulnerable to disease: elderly and children.

Together we can reduce the expansion of the virus.

#Stayathome and facilitate the commendable work that health personnel are doing to ensure our health, putting their own at risk.

That’s why I would like to contribute with my grain of sand by sharing this pattern of a Female Doctor Amigurumi.

I think that will alleviate the period of isolation.

It also serves as my humble personal thanks to all the professionals who take care of us every day.



And if you prefer it in Spanish, click here