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Shamrock Keychain Amigurumi Pattern

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Enjoy the free Shamrock Keychain Amigurumi Pattern

Although the origin of this celebration is Irish, in an increasingly globalized world, it can be said that today it is celebrated worldwide, including Spain and of course, my land, Galicia.

Our common Celtic roots connect us historically and culturally with Ireland.

Thus, for example, the Tower of Hercules, in A Coruña, has Celtic elements, among which the statue of King Breogán stands out, who, according to Irish legends, founded Brigantia and built a Tower so high that it allowed one to see the coasts of Ireland.

Breogán is considered the mythological father of the Galician people, Galicia being poetically described as “Fogar de Breogán” (Home of Breogán) and this is even reflected in the Galician anthem.

To celebrate, I bring you a small detail that, as you know, is one of the symbols of Saint Patrick’s Day:

Shamrock Keychain Amigurumi Pattern

It is a very easy and quick pattern to make and it is super nice as a keychain. I have made it with 3 leaves, but if you want it to give you more luck, you only have to add one more leaf…

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Shamrock Keychain Amigurumi Pattern


-Green color yarn

– 3 mm yarn.

– Hook according to the size of the yarn.

– Yarn needle.

– Fiberfill.


sc: single crochet

st: stitch

inc: increase

dec: decrease

Size: 2,7” /7 cm

Difficulty: Low

Estimated time: 1,5 h

Hook: 2 mm

LEAVES (x3):

With green yarn

1. Work 4 sc in magic ring.

2. “1 sc, inc”, repeat (6).

3. “1 sc, inc”, repeat (9).

4. “2 sc, inc”, repeat (12).

5. “3 sc, inc”, repeat (15).

6. “4 sc, inc”, repeat (18).


1. From the place where you are, that is, from the round marker, count the previous 8 sc, which together with the marked sc will form the half of 9 sc of the piece. Join in the last sc of the 8 with a sc, place the round marker and crochet the 9 sc (9).

2. “1 sc, dec”, repeat (6).

Stuff the piece almost completely. Fasten off. Sew the hole with the yarn needle.

To crochet the other half, join, with the part you just crocheted placed on the left, in the first of the sc and work in the last a sc.

Place the marker and continue working following the same pattern.

Stuff completely. Fasten off. Sew the hole with the yarn needle.

Sew the small gap that has remained between the two halves with the yarn needle.


With green yarn

1. Work 7 sc in magic ring

2. Ch 13 and work 12 slip stitches on the chains, 1 slip stitch in the origin stitch of the chains.

Fasten off.

Sew a first leaf through its magic ring to 3 sc of the center part. Do it next to the stem. Sew the next 2 leaves over the last sc of the center where you sewed the previous one and into the next 2 sc. In this way you will have sewn the 3 leaves on the 6 sc of the magic ring of the central part.


I hope you liked the brief historical reference and enjoy crocheting the pattern.

See you soon!