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How to Crochet a Magic Ring Step by Step (Beginner’s Guide)


The magic ring Is the stitch that allows us to begin crocheting in the round and therefore most of amigurumis.

It consists of forming a sliding circle that we will close after crocheting on it the beginning stitches of our fabric.

Being a basic element, it is also the first great difficulty with which you find yourself when starting to crochet the amigurumis, even becoming a cause of frustration and abandonment before you start.

There are different ways to make the magic ring, adjustable ring or magic circle.

Next I will show you mine and you can check with this simple step by step that it is not as difficult as you thought.

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Are there Holes in the Fabric? Try this…

A very common problem  that we have when crocheting amigurumis is that sometimes the stitches open and you see the filling inside, which is not very aesthetic.

This can happen for several reasons:

1.- Size of the needle:

It is possible that the needle is not the most suitable for the thickness of yarn that you use and crocheting with it, the stitches remain more separated than they should.

Try crocheting with a smaller needle.

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Use of Chains and Stitches in Amigurumi

This time I will talk about the different uses that we can give to the chains and single crochets depending on where we use them and how we crochet on them.

We will see:

  • Initial Chain
  • Separation chain
  • Crochet all around the piece with single crochets
  • Complete the piece by taking only one free loop

Are practices that you can find frequently in my amigurumi patterns, so it is possible that you are familiar with them

If you are starting, I recommend you that first learn the basic stitches to crochet amigurumis.

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Amigurumi Increases and decreases

After seeing the basic stitches to crochet our amigurumis, we need to learn to use them in the right way and at the right time to give them the desired shape.

Let’s see two simple ways through which we can give form to all the necessary figures to create our amigurumis.


Amigurumi Increases and decreases

Amigurumi Increases and decreases

They consist in making two stitches on the same stitch, first one and then another.

This will allow us to increase the weave surface, this is, make it wider.
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Basic Stitches to Crochet Amigurumis

Let’s start learning the basic stitches we must crochet to give life to our amigurumis:


It is the basic stitch par excellence and give rise to many of our creations.

It consists of forming a slipknot that, as its name indicates, “we will chain” several times until we achieve the length that we are interested in obtaining.

In my amigurumi patterns you can find it to start the fabric in straight, or form various elements such as thick eyebrows, hair strands, horns, etc.

In this video you can see how it’s done:

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