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How to Hide the Color Changes in your Amigurumis

Do you have difficulties to changing colors in crochet?
Is there a gap in the fabric that disfigures it?

Amigurumis are crocheted in rounds being the most used way to make them the spiral technique.

That is, instead of closing each round independently, we continue crocheting the next one.

By this way, the stitches move to form the spiral, instead of remaining above the stitches of the previous round.

When we change color, when we crochet in continuous rounds in spiral, that displacement of the stitches causes a gap in the fabric, an unevenness that disfigures the design.

It is a detail that can make a difference.

Today I am going to teach you 2 tips so that, in a simple way, the color changes are linear and have no unevenness:

  1. Using Slip Stitches:
  • Attached the thread with the new color at the indicated point.


  • Crochet the round with slip stitches but do it only in back loops. This round doesn’t count as a round of the pattern.


  • Crochet now the round of the pattern with single crochet, but this time you have to do it in front loops only.


By this way, the round crocheted with slip stitches and this one will form a single line of color in the fabric without you notice the unevenness

  1. Using the traditional technique:
  • Work a slip stitch with the color you’re crocheting.

  • Enter the new color over the indicated point. For this, chain 1 into the thread that remains on the needle after the previous stitch (pictures 1 and 2)

  • Then crochet 1 sc in the same stitch of the chain (pictures 3 and 4)
  • Crochet the round with single crochets but when you reach the end of it, that is, at the beginning of the new color, work a slip stitch in the first point, chain 1 and single crochet in that same stitch.

In this way you go from continuous rounds to do it joining rounds avoiding the displacement of the stitches and hiding the color transition.

And that’s all, I hope you liked this tutorial and especially to help you improve the color changes. Do not forget to leave your comment;)
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3 thoughts on “How to Hide the Color Changes in your Amigurumis

  1. Gracias por tus consejos!!

  2. Hola! No entendí para nada la forma tradicional de cambiar de color, lo voy a tratar de hacer pero no me queda claro. Saludos

  3. Muchas gracias por tus valiosos consejos. Siempre eres muy clara en las explicaciones y es sencillo y un placer seguirte.

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