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How to Crochet Ringlets for the Hair of your Amigurumis

Hello weaver!

Today I bring you a tutorial that will come great to you if you want to make ringlets for the hair of your amigurumis.

You may have already seen them in some of my patterns, as in the Unicorn Witch or the Christmas elf.

How to Crochet Ringlets for the Hair of your Amigurumis

We can make the ringlets separately or on an crocheted base that will have already the shape and size that we need. Here, for example, I have crocheted an elongated piece that, once the ringlets are added, will become the manes of our unicorn witch.

We are going to add the ringlets around the base piece, leaving a greater or lesser separation between them depending on the volume we want to give to the hair of our amigurumi. The smaller the separation, the greater the number of ringlets, which, given their shape, will mount one on top of the other giving also more volume.

It is also important its size, since playing with the length and width of the ringlets we can form different hairstyles.

Shall we begin?

We are going to make as many chains as we want long to be our ringlet. We must take into account that the piece will be rolled, so the final length will be less than that of the chains. If we crochet the ringlets on a ready-made base, we must engage the yarn on it to start the chains. On the other hand, if we do them separately, we start directly with the chains.

Once we have the chains we are going to crochet 3 double crochets on each one of them until we reach the first chain, returning to the base with a slip stitch or fasten off the ringlet, as the case may be. When crocheting the 3 double crochets on a single chain we will force the fabric, tensing it and causing it to roll and twist giving shape to the ringlet.

Here you have the step by step of the 3 double crochets on the same chain:

How to Crochet Ringlets for the Hair of your Amigurumis

And so we would have the ringlet:

By combining different colors and sizes we can make eye-catching hairstyles.

And if what we want is to make our ringlets wider, instead of finishing, we will turn the piece and we will crochet another row of 3 double crochets in each one of the previous double crochets.

We can highlight our ringlets by crocheting a last row of single crochets with another color, thus giving a contrast effect on the weave.

How to Crochet Ringlets for the Hair of your Amigurumis

How to Crochet Ringlets for the Hair of your Amigurumis

And that’s all!

I hope it will help you to crochet the hair of your next projects.

And you? How do you like to make the hair of your amigurumis?

Leave me your comment telling me how you crochet the hair of your amigurumis. Surely your experience can help other weavers 😉

Until next time! Happy crochet!

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  1. Gracias por la explicación, me ha encantado! porque yo solo he hecho dos unicornios, pero a cada uno le he ido cosiendo los tirabuzones uno a uno uuufff me costó mogollón, jeje. Para el próximo usaré tu técnica, gracias! 🙂

    1. Me alegro Gloria! Gracias por comentar!
      Saludos ?

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