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Terrifying Amigurumis: 5 Patterns to Crochet Terror Characters


They’re already HEEEEEERE!

They have taken some time but finally there are the most terrifying characters of those films that give us…FEAR…..…….

  • Pennywise
  • Ghostface
  • Freddy Krueger
  • Regan (The Exorcist girl)
  • Jason (Friday the 13th)

5 murderers, psychopaths, possessed and softies Amigurumis that you’ll love.

Chibi style (big heads), they have the most characteristic details of each of them:

The Smile of Pennywise:

The Masks of Jason and Ghostface:

The Possessed face of Regan

Or the burns of Freddy Krueger, Will leave you FROSTED…

Perfect to give to lovers of horror movies, decorate on Halloween or give a whim to the friki that we all have inside.

Terrifying !!!

Download the patterns and begin to crochet them right now!

Download patterns >> Terrifying Amigurumis

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2 thoughts on “Terrifying Amigurumis: 5 Patterns to Crochet Terror Characters

  1. ¡¡Recien comprados!!
    Este finde me pongo con ellos
    ¡¡Gracias!! 😀

    1. Gracias Zuzave! Espero que te gusten!
      Cualquier duda que tengas, por favor dímelo y te ayudaré encantada.
      Un abrazo

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